Sign up for our Tabata training sessions and reach your fitness goals fast while saving time.

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Hello! I am the proud owner of Where The Road Takes You and my name is Antonia Murphy. There are those of us who want to reach their fitness goals as fast as it is possible. If you are in this category or you simply do not have much time to train, sign up for our Tabata training sessions that will make this possible.

Fat burning

Tabata training helps in fat burning  

Increased capacities

You increase anaerobic and aerobic capacities  

Fast results

You achieve the results fast 

Enhanced metabolism

You increase your metabolism  


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What People Say

I barely have time of my own to even hit the gym and thus I have always wanted a program that would give fast results in as little time as possible. I got what I wanted from Where The Road Takes You when I signed up for Tabata training sessions. I only need a few minutes in each session to reach my fitness goals.

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